Patio, Walkway & Driveway Contractor in Maryland

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Get excited about your backyard again! Woodfield Landscaping can help you build the perfect outdoor space for entertainment, relaxation or for decorative purposes. We employ masons and skilled labors to install all of your hardscaping needs. We are ICPI (Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute) Certified Installers as well as CM (National Concrete Masonry Association) Certified Installers.


patio-mdPatios are quite popular in Maryland and are a great alternative to decks (if your home doesn’t have one.) We can design a patio to fit your needs – make it into a space for summer family gatherings, winter hangouts by the fire or fall pumpkin carving. Ready to turn that backyard wasteland into an amazing and functional patio you can use all year around? Just call us to discuss your plans.


walkwayWalkways can be both functional and decorative. Many people use walkways to establish easy connections between different points of interest. Our pros at Woodfield Landscaping can build convenient walkways between your home and a grill station, a swing set, a tool shed, a separate garage or other outdoor structures.


driveway-contractorWhether you want to redo your driveway or add a second driveway, we can help. The time to redo is when your driveway starts showing signs of wear, cracking and crumbling. However, if you are selling the house, consider redoing the driveway just to add curb appeal. In this case, instead of using boring asphalt, try artsy pavers.

To create a finished look, we can even add edging to your driveway in the form of bricks, wooden logs or a row of flowers. Special lighting arrangements can also be made to highlight certain landscape features.